Drone on Rent

Drone on rent with Operator

We provide Drone on rent for Interior / Real estate Projects Shoots,  Shooting, marriages, pre wedding and other events (DJI Phantom 4 Pro)
Rent for Drone

Rent for 5 hours : INR 8000 with Operator
Flying Time : 4 sessions of 10- 15 mins Sessions in 5 hours shoots.

Rent for 8 hours day: INR 10000 with Operator

Flying Time : 6 sessions of 10- 15 mins Sessions in 8 hours shoots

(Stay, Travel & Food to be managed by client incase of requirement outside Mumbai Region)

Drone flying permission will have to be obtained by the client.

Rent fees to be paid full in advance
What you will get?
Raw videos as it is captured in MP4 (1080p format).
For Cutting or Video Editing charges will be additional, if applicable.
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