Navsala Pawnara Maharaja, Sector 17, Vashi,Navi Mumbai

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Ganesh Chaturthi is a festival celebrated on a huge scale in Maharashtra and other parts of India. And it is celebrated on an even larger scale in Mumbai. The festival is celebrated for 10 days right from His aagman to His visarjan. It is the time when people forget their worries and surrender to the Vighnaharta with complete devotion.

Nawsala Pawnara Maharaja, Sector 17, Vashi, Navi Mumbai is one such Aarvajanik Ganesh festival celebrated with pomp and show. The Ganpati Aagman is a sight to behold! The dhols, the music, the lights, etc., everything is done on a grandiose scale.

Like every year, this year, 2019, also we shot traditional Ganpati photos in Vashi. The photo shoot covers the Aagman,  DecorationMahapuja and the Visarjan. However, owing to the floods in Kolhapur and other places in Maharashtra, the Ganpati Aagman was performed on a low-scale this year. Most of the festivity money has been donated to the flood affected areas.

Despite the heavy rain and low-scale preparations, people turned out in huge numbers and we got to click some great candid photography in Vashi. We use high-end equipment for every photo shoot and when it comes to Ganpati , we make sure to go the extra mile while shooting videos and photos.

We are Glad to be the Official Cinematographer and Photographic team of Navi Mumbai’s one of the best Ganpati  Mandal.

Special Thanks to Shri. Sampat Shewale from Supraweb Team

Aagman Teaser
Aagman Invitation
Decoration -Making
Aagman Teaser

Aagman Main Video


Ganpati Visarjan 2019

Mahapuja Video 2019

Photography of Bappa by

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